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Default Re: Early christmas gifts to me.

Yeah, I know the speyco's are nice, I'm going to check then out better at spey clave this summer. It's a salmon/steel rod generally, but I will also be fishing big northern pike at times, and some atlantics and skamania in the summer here on the salmon river. The cascapedia looks nice, as a matter of fact that was my first choice. Another reel i've been looking at is the loop evotec G4. I like the speyco reels, but at 12 oz i think that's a little too hefty for me. The bougle is nice but $599 and the cascapedia is about the same, so i'm looking at the marquis. A buddy said I should check out the lamson guru, as well as the ross CLA. The CLA is more in my price range, as are the TFO fly reels, which everyone has said are great. I do like the exposed rims, for palming the reel as well. verse fingering the side of the spool.
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