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Default Re: Early christmas gifts to me.

Originally Posted by Hardyreels View Post
Both of my reels are 12 ounce or more without line a backing. You'll be surprised how weight will not be such an issue with this style casting and rigs. What length and weight is the rod?
Yeah, I checked out other 14' 8 weights, and it was fine, however the CLA seemed to balance reel well, I like the lamsons but they're super light. A buddy suggested that I get a cheaper reel, just so I can fish for now, and then when I get more $ buy a nicer reel, and put the other reel on my 11' 8 weight switch rod. I would love to afford a hatch, but I don't have $600+ About the most I can justify right now is $250-$300 And, I have found a used loop even tec g3 in a 10 weight for $225 with a spare spool
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