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Default Re: Early christmas gifts to me.

Originally Posted by fredaevans View Post
".... A buddy said I should check out the lamson guru, as well as the ross CLA. The CLA is more in my price range..." They're a well constructed 'light' (weight) reel and for line weight/things you're fishing for at/under 10-15 pounds (in a river) a 'good answer.' Puppies hunt.

Just a personal 'opin' here, with the exception of heavy duty salt water reels, 'Is there really a reel' worth over $400.00? Again, opinion only, they are almost 'none existent.'

Even at that 'price point' you have to ask yourself is the reel 'worth that,' or is this an ego driven purchase decision?

Just my .02 cents ...
No, the steel head, and northern pike are generally 12-15 LB sometimes i'll get lucky and land a 17 or 18 pound steelie, but I'll frequently fish kings in the 25-30 pound range, Largest salmon i caught was 45.5 inches and about 23" girth. I know, I'd rather buy a reel that's a good price, and still manage to make the trip to fish each day, even though it's only 30 miles I fish 3 or 4 days a week every week.
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