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Default Re: Speycasting Masterclass DVD

Hi ben ,
The DVD is so cool, it has state of the art comuter graphic's that sets it apart for anything else in Spey, Scott is also three times world champion and a qualified Instructor. and regarded as the Best Speycaster in the world right now.
I garantee if you do get a copy you wont be dissapointed, if you need help finding a copy in a store let me know and i will tell you where you can get them on-line , as they are just out in NTSC format, they retail at $49.99 in the stores, same price as the UK and this has been the fastest selling fishing DVD ever in the UK.
It will have you out swinging a Spey rod right after you watch it, not saying you will cast a fly 70 yds but you will see it in the DVD and learn how to.. if you want to.
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