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I live in Purcellville. Normally I take my son/s there once or twice a year (once a year per creek). You live in Win and haven't fished Hogue? Hate to tell ya theres no big holes, and real need for waders either. Enter from 50, go down Hayfield rd to Indian Hollow (I believe) follow it down to the creek(couple of miles). Before you cross the bridge look to your left(you should be looking downstream)and you'll see a big hole in the fence by the bridge footers and rock, believe it or not, thats the lawful entry point. If you cross the bridge to park DO NOT block the gate on your right and across the drainage creek, it's used daily by the guy who owns the farm. If I find any pictures of it all I'll post them.

Fish the holes, 1st is just down stream from the bridge, loops it's way into a nice tree covered pool about 50 yards from the flat water at the bridge. Next there a nice deep straight run behind the trees, find the pockets back there. Theres also a fallen tree back in those trees with some deep water under it. I know it's deep there, my 6 year old fell in it one day. You run into a lot of open area with no cover or hole after that. I did good one day in about a foot of water in a bath tub sized hole down there, dead drifting san juan worms in crystal clear water. They're all state fish, stocked about 2 times a year, no natives. Oh and one other thing, watch the cows they have no fear of strangers down there.
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