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Default Re: Lonely 10wt seeks big beautiful toothy fish...


Being from Canada and fly fishing for pike quite regularly i can tell you a few things. One of them being for sub surface flies, get a 10' intermediate sinking tip. Gets your flies down just that little bit and aids in fishing the deeper 3-10' of water. In the spring, i wouldn't be focusing your efforts on any water that is deeper then 5'. They like sun bathe in the spring before spawn so they sit in shallow water to warm their bellies. Into the summer you should be focusing on 10-20' of water and you will be needing a sinking line for them. Fall should be a mix of deep and shallow water fishing.

Flies wise, I go by the "dark day, dark fly" thing, "bright day, bright fly" that usually where i start out, but if that doesn't work usually i experiment with something very flashy. But the best fun, is on sunrise, or sunset fishing top water mice, poppers and crease flies. Really big flies at that. Some unreal takes from those aggressive fish.

Oh and another thing, you can increase your hookup rate if you can master the strip set, pike have an extremely bony mouth and need that sharp pull to sting em. Even if you miss the take on the strip set, the fly is still right in front of the fish and you can continue the presentation, because if you didn't sting the fish the first time it attacked, it'll likely strike again.

Tight lines, have fun with the slew sharks, snot rockers or whatever you call em.
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