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Default Re: How does an Overhead Two Handed cast differ from a Spey or Switch cast?

Originally Posted by Diver Dan View Post
First question back, do you have a spey rod? Have you used it much if you do?

First in your question there is a bit of terminology that needs cleared up. Switch casts are not casts done on a switch rod. There seems to be a lot of people that think so, but it's not. A switch cast is a spey cast without a direction change. Spey casts are sort of like roll casting but there is more energy imparted into the line with a spey cast. Far better way to cast. Spey lines are much heavier than single hand lines. I have never heard of a two hand Czech nymphing rod although there are some guys using switch rods (Short spey rods) to Czech nymph with. Personally I think it's kind of like buying a Maserati Bora to run the kid to school. They don't really cast that way. It's kind of just flick and high stick with a long rod and a really heavy nymph tight lined.

No I only have 1 handed rods. I fish salt, frum surf to back bays in the NE for stripers blues etc. I have been thinking of getting a 2 handed rod for the beach. Judging from the above descriptions I do not think Spey style rods/casts would work as the beach in the front doesn't lat down enough to generate enough line tension. My thinking was if I could use two hands I could generate more power on windy and/or high surf days to get my line out over the waves, so I began looking into two handed rods and the TFO BVK and TICRX both have an option where you can add an extension to a regular i handed rod , but upon doing research posts I have read describe one as " not a spey or switch rod, merely an "overhead casting rod" and the other , the BVK as a "Czech nymphing rod")

As you can tell I am still new to the sport of fly-fishing, been at it a few years but I do other styles of fishing ( even 8 and bait, but don't tell anybody please -- I do not want to pay double for a fly-fishing magazine) , and unfortunately I also have work and a family that do not understand the importance of fishing. So the learning hasn't occurred as fast as I would have liked.

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