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If you'll mainly be targeting bass then I'd suggest at least 9' -6-wt rod, anything lighter would be a little light if you think you'll be catching 4 lb + bass. I have a 9' - 6/7-wt St. Croix rod that I use for bass fishing and it will handle the larger bass bugs that I like to use. Anything smaller than a 6-wt. and you'd be very limited as far as the bass flies you can cast on it. If I were to buy another rod mainly for bass fishing I personally would opt for a 9' - 8-wt rod because it would handle the larger bass flies easier and enable me to get the larger bass out of vegetation and timber quicker.

On my 6/7-wt rod I have caught 9lb, 7-15, 7-12, and a foul-hooked 7 lb bass, and my rod handled them well. If I had used a lighter rod any of those fish could have broken it.
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