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Default Re: Really lame joke.....

Originally Posted by BigCliff View Post
Groan, but reminded me of one.

So the mole family is heading off on vacation- papa, mama, and with junior mole bringing up the rear.

They're burrowing along and get about 50 yds from their den when papa realizes he forgot his glasses. Being a manly man, he doesn't want to admit his goof and just bears on ahead.

After a while they bump into something big and hard that they can't get around. Papa notices its flat so he digs up to the surface and discovers that he's run them into the foundation of a house.

He hollers out, "look mama, we hit a house. See?"

Mama agrees, and asks junior if he can see it.

Junior: "Nope, all I see is molasses!"

This one is from my high school science club's t-shirt, funnily enough I'm wearing it right now.

If a mol of moles were digging a mol of holes what would you see?

A mol of molasses.

For those who need some brushing up on chemistry: a mol is a unit of measurement.
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