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Default Re: Allen Fly Fishing - Product Discounts

Originally Posted by caberguy View Post
Perhaps I'm a bit daft, but I can't quite figure out how to use the discount codes. Do I just put it in the "notes" section at checkout and then adjust payment in PayPal? Is it supposed to be automated in some way that I'm just missing? I've gone through the motions a number of times both with codes posted here and that I've received via email and not seen any obvious place on the product page, in the cart or at checkout to apply a discount code.
It can be kind of confusing with our particular cart software. The code box is actually very visible and hard to miss.... It's just on a page that's about 2 pages after you'd expect it. It's on the very last page of the checkout process. After the Paypal screen when you put in your credit card info.

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Originally Posted by diverdown View Post

Looking forward to seeing you guys at Sommerset. As I will be waiting until after christmas to make my purchases, I am wondering if you will be bringing rods and reels to the show to sell. Specifically, I am looking for a 12' 5wt spey and an anti-reverse reel.

Thanks and have a great Holiday Season and a happy New Year !!!!


We will indeed have rods there for you to cast, and we will be doing sales at the shows. But instead of paying to have an inventory of stock shipped to each show (not cheap), we're drop shipping to customers from our warehouse with discounts and/or free shipping.

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Originally Posted by fyshstykr View Post
Can we meet on the Clearwater? or maybe the North Fork area?
The Clearwater is quite a haul for me! I'll see if I can squeeze in a trip to that part of the world, but with all the trade shows and other daily work I have, these next few months are going to be pretty tough for me!
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