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Default Is it possible to redo handle?

I have smaller hands and most of the handles on rods that I've tried are uncomfortable to hold. I'll be buying a rod with a full wells grip on it, but I have a rod with a half wells grip (possibly reversed, not sure whats what; the small diameter is at the reel while the large diameter is at the hook keeper).

I'm wondering if anybody has experience good or bad with reshaping a cork handle on a fly rod after it has been built. I'm simply looking to cut down the diameter on it, not a whole lot of actual reshaping. The handle shape I really love is what Scotts custom shop calls a small modified wells with the middle bulge slightly more to the front than most, and a sharp dip before the flare at the end towards the hook keeper.

At this point my plan is to rig some kind of mount to fit over the butt of the fly rod that can be mounted into an electric drill and have something to hold the tip of the rod section in place and spin it that way to make sure its even around the rod.

Thanks for the help
Alec B
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