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Default Re: Is it possible to redo handle?

Originally Posted by Hardyreels View Post
Hi Alec,

Sand paper will reduce the grip for you, by alternating from heavy grit (like #80) to fine stuff you can ream it down to your own specs. As far as how to keep the reduction at an even rate on the radius of the cork I will not write all that out, you'll figure that one out OK. If I were going to do this I would use the paper from a belt sander and cut a strip about 20" long by 2.5 - 2.75" wide for both the reduction and the polish work. You can find used belts from anyone you know who owns a belt sander. can buy singles at some stores. For fine finish I would be using 250 grid and this will be had in sheets at your hardware store.

I do happen to know someone with a belt sander! My stepdad is a contractor which means plenty of tools lying around. So you don't know any way to rig up a rod to spin so that I can reshape it? Anybody else have any ideas?

I guess another way to do it would be to have someone hold the belt sander while I hold the rod and spin it inside the sandpaper and shape it... seems a little... prone to mishaps...

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Originally Posted by FrankB2 View Post
I bought several St. Croix Pro Graphite rods when they were discontinued around 2002. They all had full wells grips, and the 7'6" 4wt had the same grip and reel seat as the 9' 6wt. I began sanding the grip down, and that revealed a ton of voids on the inside nearly every ring. It was amazing that St. Croix was able to cut these rings to hide the fact that 1/8" below the surface, the cork was worse than swiss cheese. It was a Made in USA rod that sold for $80-$95 full retail, so I forgave them and bought a new grip and reel seat for $25--a VERY nice grip and reel seat BTW. Just a heads up on what you might encounter with cork.
Its either going to be a Loomis Pro 4x or a Scott A4, so I wouldnt expect the cork to be of bad quality. Thanks for the heads up though, I was thinking of doing the same thingto my Redington Crosswater to try it out first, but knowing this I probably won't. Also, that sems like way too much risk for me to do. Expensive rod (for a college student) and I have no experience with epoxy not to mention building a fly rod. I simply want to sand it down.

Had an idea! What if I put some rubber tape on the tip of the butt section and inserted that into an electric drill? Rubber tape would prevent scratching the rod and also give more traction so I don't have to bite down with the drill too hard. I'm pretty sure we have a drill with a large enough mouth to accept an 8 weight butt section. Have someone hold the drill and have a mount for the reelseat. Mounting it by the reelseat rather than the tip of the butt would lessen the risk of it popping out while sanding and torquing the drill... Thinking out loud, let me hear your opinions!

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