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I really don't have a lot of info on switch rods, but I did cast one for the first time, yesterday. I recently started spey casting, with a two-handed rod so I am by no means experienced. Anyways here is what I noticed as some big differences.

As Frank said, switch rods are shorter than spey rods. Also, a one-handed cast is much easier on a switch rod than on a spey rod. The switch rod was lighter (which I guess is probably obvious given the much shorter lengths). I felt that the switch rod was not as proficient at performing spey casts as a spey rod, because you could not spread your grip as far on the switch rod as you can with a spey rod.

Overall, if you were looking for a rod that was the best of both worlds, I think a switch would be the ticket. I prefer to use rods that master their particular intended use, rather than using rods that are more along the lines of "jack of all trades, master of none."

Hope this helps.

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