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Default Re: Fly fishing spots near Washington, DC

Hey there. I'm new to the sport myself. My son recently moved out to Colorado and I like to visit from time to time, but he likes to ski and mountain bike -- so I picked up flyfishing to see if I liked it and if I did, that's what I would do out in colorado on my visits. So, my son takes us out to places where he can mountain bike while I'm fishing a nice, clear, Rocky Mountain stream. So, far I've fished the South Platte (north fork) and the Poudre river up above Ft. Collins almost in Wyoming. Wow. Plenty of browns and some rainbows to be had in both rivers.

I live closer in towards D.C. but still in Md. I hit the Big Hunting Creek often. It is under lots of pressure though. The water under the bridge is the most pressurized -- but if you start at the first parking pull in spot after the creek passes under the bridge (about 1/2 mile up) and fish upstream all the way up as far as the dam, you'll run into plenty of riffles and pools with brookies in them.

Watch Owens creek, which is also in the Catoctin park. No water now -- but they tell me its awesome in the spring. they stock it with browns in both spring and fall -- although, after the fall stocking, I went up there this year and cant figure out where the fish go. But try that in the spring.

lately I have been hitting the rivers and streams in Va. Thats where you'll find the best water and action outside of Big Gunpowder river. Good luck to you.
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