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Default Re: Sage VT2 vs Z axis vs Winston B2X 9' 9wt 4pc

Alrighty, thanks you guys. I have been looking more and more on other websites, and granted it is the internet, but after looking more at the Winston, I think I will pass on it. Too many negative reviews to take a chance. And yes Grass, there will be wind quite often, so that seems to kindof take that out of the equation. I was able to cast a Z axis, but in a 4 wt and liked it, but I haven't been able to find a 9 wt to cast, nor have I been able to find a VT2 in any weight. I wish there were a fly shop close, I wouldn't mind driving up north, but I have to leave on tues, back down to Ft. Hood, and none of the shops down around there have any of the VT2s that I have found.

I am in Battle Creek, a little over a hour from Coloma. But now, I sadly spend most of my time in the wonderful Ft. Hood, Tx. I only get to spend a few wonderful days in michigan a year, but that will soon change!
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