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Default Winter Carp?

I have a stellar large pond scoped out in the SouthEast with some ginormous 30" carp just milling about waiting to be caught. Unfortunately the temperatures are in the mid 50s and nothing I've tossed at them so far has enticed any interest whatsoever. I've tried a #10 bead head wooly bugger, mini-cray, BH Hares Ear, san juan worm, red ibis (actually foul hooked one with a red ibis, it was like being hooked to a pissed off log. The scale that came off with my hook was the size of a silver dollar!). I'm about to try a #6 and #8 wooly worm in black and olive. Any other ideas for enticing these guys into eating in the colder months? I'm resisting the bread and corn flies and people don't feed them in this pond anyway so it's unlikely they'd even know what it was. None of them seem to be interested in surface feeding. At best they're tailing but more often than not they're just milling about in 1.5' of water.
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