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Default Re: rivers in only???

those are one crazy set of rules. What you'd need is a big map showing which rivers you CAN fish! Why is this so different here ? Wouldn't be to make sure outfitters get as exclusive as dammit access to the rivers without the risk of "non payers" fishing their waters at the same time? Sorry if I appear sceptical, but I am from Scotland and here, this sort of thing happens in salmon fishing, just in a different way....many waters or beats had public access by ancient decree.....the biggest con being the no salmon fishing on a sunday rule....thats when the working man had his day off. Landowners, gentry and toffs could have any day, so "no sunday fishing" didn't affect them. But it kept the commoners off the water some of the time. Trout, pike etc fine fish for them on a sunday, they weren't a target species for the gentry anyway, but if they had been, that would have been banned on a sunday too.
Or am I being too sceptical?
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