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Default beginner got a good set up?

My dad's friend's church has a fly fishing group, and as a huge fisher(me not my dad, he hates fishing for some reason), my dad wanted me to get involved with the sport of fly fishing.

so i went to the flee marked down here and got a classic pole (i'm just a sucker for any vintage fishing gear!) at a random stand with an old reel as well-
rod reads - custom -- heddon -- victory(thats all thats visible
reel reads - martin 63 -- made in america (hell yeah?)
for twenty bucks

i then went to the rod and reel repair shop and bought a brand new, in case pflueger medalist with line (i think it was 4 wt)

so i go to the sportsman's warehouse out here(i know a lot of the bow guys, so i ask them who i'd need to talk to bout fly fishing and they show me their 'specialist'),and they set me up like so:

like 80 yards of backing(i think thats what he called it?)
then 6 wt
then they put on like 10 inches of 30lb (like for the coast)
then they put on trout 7 1/2 ft. 3x leader
and they said put on 18 inches of fluorocarbon tippet (7lb)

my set up is for trout(just being released in a few days here)
but is this what most of yall have?

and do you think i should ask 'santa' for a rod for Christmas?

also any tips or hints that you have, feel free to share

thanks for the help in advance!
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