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Default Re: Strike Indicator Slower than Current?

Thanks for the responses . I'm am so new to fly-fishing that I don't know what to ask next. I haven't caught anything yet, but I am motivated to learn and improve.

As I remember, the current was between slow and moderate. I guessed that the water was about 18" - 24" (Maybe; I'm bad at gauging depth), so I placed the indicator about 30" from the fly. I was using a 7.5' 3x leader with the bugger, with about 1.5' - 2' of tippet tied to the leader. I made my drifts about 1.5 to 2 rod lengths out, if that detail helps.

The indicator drifted smoothly, so I'm guessing it didn't reach the bottom. So, I have a few more questions:
  • If you are not sure how deep the water you are fishing is, can you lengthen the distance between the fly and indicator on the leader, or will doing so raise my chances of being caught on the bottom?
  • Is finding the correct depth to fish a fly a matter of fly-to-indicator length, or how much weight put on the leader?
  • Oldman, how do you fish your Wooly Buggers? Everyone, feel free to describe you fish them as well.

Thanks again; I appreciate everyone's input.
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