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Originally Posted by fallguy View Post
I'll be fishing the lower sac around Redding next week (weds/thurs) in my drift boat. I know the water well and have fished it quite a bit over the past 20+ years. Looking for someone who can fish AND can row! Ideally would like to have 3 in the boat (2 fishing, 1 rowing) with each person able to take a turn on the oars. I've got one friend in town (good fisherman) that should make it on at least one of the days, and my father has shown some interest in fishing but he doesn't row.

If anyone is interested let me know. I'd prefer not to guide (much) so intermediate+ skill level is best, though if you can row you are certainly welcome to come along


P.S. almost forgot to mention -- fly fishing C&R only!

P.P.S. I floated a 1/2 day on Dec. 27 and it was dynamite. Here's a short video of one of my trout that day:

w6hfp's Channel - YouTube
damn looks like i got to this a little to late. i wouldve joined u guys for sure.

ive been putting in many hours on the trinity going after steelhead. its been slow out there and id rather not talk about it haha

just in case i dont check the forum frequently enough, my number is 707-365-1906
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