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Default Re: Sage Flight Review

OK....for anyone that is interested, I cast both the new Flight and the Z-Axis side by side. I cast them both in 6 wt. with the same line and reel set up. Tim Woodward, an area guide and employee of Jimmy's All Season Angler in Idaho Falls was out with me and he cast both as well as we talked about both of them. Here are our observations:

1. The Flight is actually a fraction of an ounce lighter than the Z. It is a light rod. Having said that, it seemed that the Z felt a little lighter in the hand. I personally think (I am no expert) that this has something to do with the taper and "feel" of the rod.

2. Maybe because of the different taper I could feel the Z load a little better for close in casts (15-25 feet). On medium to long casts it was hard to tell a difference.

3. The components are nicer on the Z although I was personally totally satisfied with the quality and build of the Flight. It had a nice knurled uplocking ring for the reel seat and the cork handle was better than I expected. The Flight comes with a Cordura Nylon rod AND REEL case as opposed to the very nice aluminum (I think they are aluminum) rod tubes the Z comes with.

4. I have never owned a Z although I have cast them on a few occasions. Tim has owned a few different Z's. Neither of us could tell much difference between the two rods. They are made of the exact same graphite and thus share very similar qualities. Although we could nitpick and find a couple things that felt different to us, we thought that the price difference outweighed any advantages the Z might have by far. If you would have told me that the Flight was a 650 dollar rod I would have totally believed you and also thought that these two rods were obviously in the same category. (does that make any sense?)

Bottom line for me is that I am a working man who likes to splurge on fly fishing equipment even though sometimes I shouldn't. If I feel like I need to buy a new rod in the near future I have no reason to spend more than I might spend on the Flight to feel like I am getting a premium rod.
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