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Default Re: Hair Leadwing Coachman

Atlantic Salmon. The reason I asked about the gray hair is in the salmon book the author said the hair moves or pulsates, or breathes and he thought it was better than the feathers. Well I read that there are some caddis flies- the adult- that swim under water and lay their eggs on the bottom of the stream and the leadwing coachman may suggest such a fly, that's why you're not suppose to have a tail and the gold tinsel is suppose to suggest and egg sack. In any event, this article I read said the wings aren't used for swimming, they stay in place and the legs move, so... in such a case hair may be wrong, what you probably want is a wing that doesn't move very much. In any event, that's why I asked.
I patrolled my lake shore (yeah, I live on a lake) and picked up some so-so slate feathers and did about 5 standard tie but so far I'm not that happy with the results. On a bare hook (dry fly) I can pull down the thread and get the wings fairly good but on a wet fly there is all the bunched up material and I find it more difficult.
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