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Default Re: Vermont BANS Felt Soled Wadding Boots

I am preparing an article right now supporting the continued use of felt. There is actually a lot of information out there but no one has yet had the courage to come out and draw a line in the sand.
The first paper on your list, which I have previously carefully read, a white paper from the EPA and Federation of FlyFishers published in 2007, "Increase in nuisance blooms and geographic expansion of the freshwater diatom Didymosphenia geminata: Recommendations for response" has the following statement under Recommendations:
"An aggressive education and outreach program is required to change water resource user behavior in order to MINIMIZE SPREAD of D. geminata on a global scale."

The words MINIMIZE SPREAD were carefully chosen. The authors cautiously avoided saying PREVENT SPREAD because these words would have been incorrect. By choosing the words MINIMIZE SPREAD they are admitting that there is no politically acceptable way to PREVENT the spread of Didymo.
When I worked for a resource agency I was careful to choose my words also because if I didn't, my supervisor would edit them out!
Sometimes it is not what IS said, it is what is NOT said that is important.
Too bad we cannot ask the authors, "Will your recommendations prevent the spread of Didymo, yes or no?" There were times in my job when, if asked such a question, I would have come face to face with choosing complete honesty or losing my job!

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The rest of us know how to clean our boots too, Mikel! Satisfactory cleaning using accepted methods is difficult or even impossible in a motel room and complete drying is impossible when you work in those boots every day, so I cannot believe fishery workers would not spread Didymo.
In Montana, the ban was voted down based on State Fishery workers indicating that they would not abandon felt for safety (and perhaps liability?) reasons.
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