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Default Re: Vermont BANS Felt Soled Wadding Boots

I was wondering if anyone would open that can of worms. You have done your homework Silver.
I have not done my homework on WD, but from what I know, Colorado spent $11 million dollars (?) disinfecting their hatcheries but it didn't work! I think they just gave up so the high country lakes with no spawning streams are now devoid of fish I believe. I have not heard a word lately about WD and it seems to have been quietly swept under the rug. On to chronic wasting disease in elk and deer which they actually brought into Colorado by doing research on infected animals brought in from elsewhere!
Obviously, the CDOW does not believe in wasting their resources on containment of invasives! LOL! In fact they spend their resources and our money spreading invasives! From a practical viewpoint (i.e.feasibility and income) it is probably the most logical answer. Money talks.
I don't look for Colorado to ban felt anytime soon as I have been told by one of their employees that there is no discussion of a ban as of yet. No doubt they have been made aware of the hypocrisy in that.
No one has mentioned the role of fish farms and private stocking on the spread of disease either which I find strange. How many states allow landowners to stock streams running through their property? Colorado does.

Hey Silver! Care to start a thread on WD? Let them pick your carcass for a change! LOL! The kids are back in high school looking at half naked women again I see.

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Okay, I checked on some things. Six of Colorado's 16 hatcheries are still whirling disease positive even after decontamination efforts.
Silver, you may have seen this link about Colorado's high country cutthroats and WD but if not, here it is:
Whirling Disease in Cutthroat waters*
Doesn't appear that the spread of WD is being prevented in CO. In fact, it appears to be too late!
So, all you out-of-staters stay home. The trout in Colorado are all dead! LOL!
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