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Default Chub rule of thumb?

Last spring I went for 2-3 hours for trout one morning. I caught maybe 8 chubs and a sucker, but no trout (although I suspect one that I lost was a 'bow). I felt like I was getting good drifts, had good flies, etc. Where I've done most of my fishing, chubs are a pretty rare occurrence, but apparently some of the places I fish have plenty of them.

So my question: is there any sort of rule of thumb that tells you how to adjust when you're catching chubs instead of trout? I'm thinking of the adage that if you're catching sunfish but no smallmouth, you should try faster water.

I'm sure it's difficult to answer without details, but does that result indicate anything? Was I likely fishing too deep/shallow/quickly/etc? Or was I likely throwing too big/small/flashy a pattern? That sort of thing.

I'm not being snobby and am generally glad to catch what I can, but I'm curious.
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