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Default Re: How many kind of fish do you target?

Originally Posted by Diver Dan View Post
Nope, not cheating. You target other fish 'every year'.

I put 6 - 10 because Largemouth and Smallmouth are 1 kind, Crappie, Bluegill, pumpkinseed, Rock Bass and other assorted panfish are another kind for 2, Walleye and Sauger for 3, Pike and Musky for 4, Mooneye for 5, and Trout from the North Shore of Superior everytime I get down there for 6 etc. I didn't count everyone I have ever gone after because I don't live on the East Coast anymore and therefore can't fish for Bluefish for example. In fact I only got to fish for those while I was going to Sub School in Groton, CT. I only counted the ones I can do regularly now. 7 types and 16 species if I include Sturgeon which I only recently figured out how to do with a fly rod and am still refining the method. It's been a 'gear' type fish up till now, but I plan to change that thinking.

So far you guys are way more open to multiple species than the locals here.
Dan sturgeon is amazing please do tell how you catch them. also i fish for largemouth grass carp and sea trout.
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