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Default Re: Opinions for a 5yr old

Originally Posted by swirlchaser View Post
My opinion? DON'T GET ONE! I've had 3 5yr olds, they're expensive, needy and interfere with flyfishing! All kidding aside, my kinds all started on an 8'6" 5wt. They all picked it up fairly quickly. Once my boys discovered girls they dropped the flyrods.
probably likewise for my grand daughter, i figure as soon as she hits the big twelve , she's a goner

thanks for all the tips.

don't know for sure if my grand kids will want to learn to fly fish.

they are all of different minds and temperaments .

i do plan to introduce them to the art when and if they seem responsive to the idea.

times they are a changin' so who knows ....

i do have an idea though, i intend to teach at least one of them how to build his own rod, might make a difference in the long haul whether he stays with the sport or not.

my motto is "make it yourself"


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