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Default Allen Fly Fishing co's anti-reverse reel

I met with Justin the other day and sitting on his counter was a sharp new reel unlike any of the others he sells. I asked him about it and he described it as his baby in the making for over a year, an anti-reverse reel to compete with all the other expensive anti-reverse reels on the market for a fraction of the price. After drooling over it for a good 20 minutes, picking it up and putting it down ten times, he told me to take it and let him know what i think. i said "TAKE IT!!??!!, are you serious?" and so began my experience and love for this reel. Like a kid with a new toy the first 2 days this reel went EVERYWHERE with me, it even sat on my night stand next to me while i slept. I understand this is a prototype and not everything would be in perfect working order BUT i cant find a flaw anywhere in machining or in function, the tolerances are really tight due to it being fully machined and nothing flexes or rubs. This Reel is stout and awesome looking. On Saturday i lined the reel with some full sinking 8wt and went hunting for steelhead(alone because it was zero degrees out). During my outing i hooked up to one steelhead and found out how truly amazing this reel is. Even after dunking the reel in the water a couple times the drag didn't lose grip or slip, just silky smooth stopping power from very light all the way to full lock up without any flexing. Justin asked me not to show anyone the inside of the reel and if i were to take pictures, not to post any of the inside or back and i will respect that but he didn't say i couldn't show pictures of the front, so here it is. The prototype of Allen Fly Fishing co's anti reverse reel..........Click the image to open in full size.
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