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Default Re: Chub rule of thumb?

It has been my experience that trout and chubs will share a stream or stream section, but the trout favor the deeper, cooler portions while the chubs favor the shallower, warmer sections. If you are hitting chubs you need to move to deeper areas in the creek, or closer to a spring feed entering the creek, or to a spot where the water gets more oxygenation, or all three. For example, we have a creek near here that has man made plunges into deep pools that then tail out into shallow, slow, short, flat sections before crossing the next man made plunge and repeating the cycle. The trout hold in the oxygenated plunges and deep pools near the structures, the chubs hold in the shallow, flat sections at the tails of each pool. The shallow, short, flat sections between the tail of one section and the structure starting the next are devoid of fish. As you move upstream on the creek you find no fish, then chubs, then trout, then you cross a structure and start the cycle over again.
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