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Default Re: Question for you trout oficianados

Bull trout and dolly varden are both in the char family and are extremely similar, they both are late summer/fall spawners. Bull trout are indigenous to BC, ID, MT WA mostly and are in may cases landlock but don't go into saltwater. Dollies are in the same region, they live from CA to AK, they do go into the sea and return to freshwater. Bulls will develop a kipe jaw when the reach maturity, but it doesn't seem to be pronounced like a brown's jaw in males.
I think bull trout get larger than dollies, I've caught them here in Missoula up to 38 inches 15 lbs or so. They are carnivorous and we have them eat trout that we are trying to land often.
If you ask a fisheries biologist the difference between bulls and dollys some will tell you bulls have one more gill plate. They look darker to me and seem to have more mass. In the Elk, BC they get bright red when they spawn and are beautiful.
german browns are also in the Char family but differ immensely from bulls/dollies
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