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Default The Flyfishing Show - Marlboro, MA

Just attended yesterday. The last time I was there was 1999, and it was just as if nothing changed at all. The exception being Lefty Kreh now 87 years old. It is always a joy to watch his casting demonstrations. For an old feller he can surely flip that line around, and I am amazed at how old age has not dimmed his speech. He speaks lucidly, and with none of the age-related slowness so common with elderly. Like I said, its always a pleasure.

Other than that, nothing else notable, and if it weren't for meeting some old friends there for breakfast, I'd be happy never to return. All the products offered seemed old and stale and worn from travelling. Shopkeepers looked tired and forlorn, eager for the day to end (and I got there early in the AM). There was a large percentage of lodges and guides pumping their services. Seems like everyone wanted my name and address. which I was loathe to part with. All I need is more junk mail or telemarketers calling.

I bought a Fishpond wading belt, and headed home, content that I'm good to go for another ten years.

Did anyone else go to this show?
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