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Default Re: Small stream Stories and Pictures;

Well here's my closest creek, Big Rock in the San Bernandino's. They stopped stocking it quite some years ago I think so any fish that are left are just naturally reproducing. There's a couple different forks/parts of the creek with one of the bigger one's messed up due to a ton of people coming up in the summer to play in the water. The creek seems to disappear at some parts and then just pop up from springs.

We hiked a large portion of it a couple weeks ago, only caught one fish at the very end that was a decent 11 incher or so. With there being hardly any fish in the creek at all along with deep pools and cover, any fish there is will be spooked very easily.

Also checked it out last spring and caught several small ones. One of the sections that was a really nice creek in the summer/spring was dried up and there was a pool (3rd pic) that had at least like 25 little fry/baby trout in it. Unfortunately there was no way to save them as we didn't have a net that was thin enough.

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