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Default Re: Mid May West Coast Fishing Trip.

Wow! This forum is awesome. I use a few others and they are in no way as helpful as you guys have been.

Larry: Thanks for reply and advise. The wife will be intrigued by the restaurants. She may have already scoped them as she's got heaps of stuff pre-booked but when she gets home I'll have her on it. (She's good at organisation, it's her profession).

Trip report will not be a problem. I'm off to UK in March for 7 weeks. I'll hit the rivers and see what I can wangle on the fly.

Dhayden: Thank you for all the information and very sound advice. I didn't even think about the extreme flows. Something to log in my head for future reference. I'll be working on those areas tonight and see how they fit in with the return journey.
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