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Default Re: Opinions for a 5yr old

I've taught many a kid and here's some ideas I've gleaned over the years. Short and inexpensive is best for beginners as they will likely break the tip off or worse before they are ready to graduate to a longer rod. Sunglasses for eye protection for sure and lots of practice, via a casting pond or lawn with a fluff fly that has no hook. Backing up one step I get them a spin cast reel and what's almost an ice fishing rod as soon sa they show an interest. My two year old Great Grandson already enjoys swinging around his rod, minus the reel but he has the idea already. Soon he'll be casting and somewhere around 5 but no later than 7 he'll be flinging a fly. Those light weight eagle claw rods are superb and at $20 it's hard to beat as a starter rod and they range from 6 to 7.5 feet in length. In cat over the years with kids, then Grandkids and now GGrandkids, I have an assortment of fly rods that have had tips broken but repaired and these usually are pressed into duty until the child in question becomes more aware of keeping that tip safe.
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