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Default Re: Vest, Lanyard or Chest Pack?

I've used vests, fanny packs, daypacks, shoulder bags, lanyards alone and in different combinations. Having an arthritic neck and shoulders doesn't make it any easier.

Best combination for me is the lanyard for all my light grab tools and a lightweight fanny pack for lunch, water bottle, rain jacket, sunscreen, TP, droid etc. I put a fly box in each front pocket of my Academy fishing shirt. This has been the best way for me to keep the weight off my shoulders and forces me to pack light. I used to carry all kinds of **** down to the river and found I just didn't need it all. Huge difference. Packing this way has made me less top heavy and feels so much better on those hot days. Nice not schlepping all that weight around.

I also started using waist high waders to keep the straps off my shoulders. Otherwise I just wade with neoprene socks and wading boots if the weather permits.

I'm currently shopping for a new lanyard. I didn't know you could spend several hundred dollars on a custom vanity lanyard. Sheesh. Any suggestions on a good one?

And fanny pack too. I had a fishpond waterdance. Nice pack but found it was just a little too large for my needs. I may try the dragonfly this go around. Cabelas has a new private label one out too.
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