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Default Re: grass carp on fly

[QUOTE=grassonfly;272782]Many fishermen have seen grass carp cruising in the shallow areas of ponds and lakes but few have attempted to catch them. It took me a week to catch my first carp and i wanna share with everyone how to catch one of these monsters
The grass carp or the white amur run up to 40 pounds in my lakes so they are a great fight. you can chum with bread but the easiest way to catch them is with a small white fly. i used a popper when the carp are cruising or feeding just cast it about 3-5 feet in front of them and they will surface and eat for fly and then hold on. I have heard they fight similar to a redfish but i cant say because ive never caught a redfish. well goodluck

carp on fly picture by guitardude123e - Photobucket

Grassies and the Common Carp are two very different beasts! Grass Flies work especially near golf courses or drainage ponds where they cut the grass. Here's a great article right down there near you in South Florida. Learn when the Ficus Berries fall and have your flies ready:
Fly Fishing - Miami Florida Fly Fishing: Peacock Bass & Grass Carp, A Berry Good Time!
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