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Default Re: MAD river in ohio?????

What Maccadon said plus some! Just as all the brown trout in the USA, including Michigan and PA are hatchery fish originally so is the Mad. Just like all these fisheries there are some that hold over a year or two and and are in reality right up there next to a wild fish. Although ODNR says not I agree that there is likely some recruitment of young browns hatching out in the stream and any of these from the past who have lived there and grown are truly wild fish.
Plus a great addition to the trout equation is that the Mad is a superb Smallie streama nd they will often take the exact same flies that big bruiser browns like, such as the Muddler, the Spuddler and Wooley Buggers! About anywhere north of Springfield is good and especially up in that Urbana seems great for access as stated above. I've fished the Mad since 1949 or so and love a mixed bag fishery such as it provides. My fly rod species count thus far on the Mad and tributaries stand at around 7 or eight including Bass, Cats, Carp, Trout, Bluegill, several in the sunfish family and Crappie! My last was a 12.5 lb cat right near Springfield! He hit a slow moving Muddler looking fly!
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