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Originally Posted by Diver Dan View Post
Almost every article no matter where it is, is just more of the same kind of stuff.
Double-D, there in lies the challenge. And in a sense, you're right! It seems that across all fly media, readers are asking for more destination pieces on areas each of us can actually get to (that aren't exclusively for the rich, or for those with 6 weeks a year of vacation time). Readers are also asking for bits about anglers thinking outside the box using gear and tactics that aren't outrageously priced, and anything "non-purist."

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Originally Posted by grassonfly View Post
one month do a trash fish thing. Fish that purist hate and why theyre great to fish examples- redhorse, carp, grass carp
Thanks Grass! You know, in our early days we did a "No Trout Issue", and it's one of my favorites. We'd love to one-up that issue sometime soon. Let me ask you, what percentage of users on this forum do you believe are "purists"? Great response!
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