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I am new to this forum. I currently live in South Carolina, but I am moving to a remote area in Prince William Sound at the end of Feb and will be there until November. I know there are great fly fishing opportunities there, but I don't have much experience with salmon. My background with a fly rod is mainly southeastern trout streams throwing small dry flies, nymphs (with indicators), streamers, and egg patterns. I have recently gotten addicted to fly tying. I have looked at the flies that are posted on here, and I have looked up a few others. I done decent amount of reading on what the trends are and when the runs are...but any advice will be greatly appreciated. I have a 5 weight that i mainly use for trout and an 8 weight that i have used in saltwater. I assume the 5 weight would be ok for trout dolly varden and grayling (if i were to venture out to find them) and the 8 weight would be good for most of the salmon species. I have read most of the post on this forum, and havent thought much about leaders and tippet. since i am going to be remote i am thinking i need to get a lot of it before i head out. I would love any advice!


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