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Default Re: How Did You Start

When I was a kid, I fished for stocked rainbows in the Sierra foothills. My dad absolutely hates fishing, so that didn't last long. One of those summers was the first time I saw a guy fly fishing. He was getting his limit of stockers every day, I was impressed.

Backpacking in college, we met a group that was staying out for 3 weeks. Their plan being to eat lots of fish to supplement their dry foods. Very intrigued.

Fast forward a few more years years. I had a roommate who fly fished. If we stopped in the canyon for 20 minutes he would catch a couple. I was intrigued by the casting and the beauty of the scenery. He let me borrow his rod and reel for a road trip. I got skunked, but I loved wading and looking for fish and being in the river in general.

Jump ahead about another 6 years. My favorite hobby, rock climbing, was beginning to take a toll on my body. I needed something fun to do outside that did not involve hauling my 200lbs up a rock. I got a $50 starter kit and just started trying to cast. It was three weeks before I caught anything Little did I know that Spring flood was not a good time, oh well, I was having fun.

My drive home every day was along Boulder creek, so I would fish for a few hours almost every day (still do if possible!) I was having a blast, but I was only getting good at fishing Boulder creek.

Last summer I had foot surgery, and rock climbing took a major back seat in my life. Fly fishing became an obsession to be reckoned with.
I started tying my own flies, traveling to heavily pressured waters to try my 'skill' or lack thereof, and started catching some much larger trout.

I quickly learned how little I really knew on those famous waters . So I started reading and doing internet searches, and ended up here. This forum has helped me severely steepen my learning curve in the last few months.

I now own a 'quiver' of rods (5,5,6,7,10,11), although some have yet to see a fish. Given enough time I am sure they will. Thanks again NAFFF for providing a space to share tying ideas, debate, ethics, and advice. Extra thanks to those that are very experienced and willing to help teach some of us who lack proper mentors!

For my relative lack of experience, I make a lot of posts... I hope this is ok, I try to add a disclaimer every now and then to own my lack of experience. I just love talking about fly fishing though and learning everything I can. When time permits, I get out almost every day for a few hours. I think 180 days a year is a very lowball estimate at this point (my girlfriend says I fish EVERY day).

The best advice I have been given is to "remember to have a good time, even when you are getting skunked" ie. any day on the river is a good day.

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