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Default Steelhead on the Fly on the Salmon River, NY

I've just finished my report with pics at my blog. I have way to many photos that don't fit this forums max size requirements. Hence why I don't just copy and past.

Steelhead on the Fly on the Salmon River, NY

After hearing so much about this river and the rather large steelhead that winter in it I have to admit my interest was piqued. What fly junkie wouldn’t be? Most discussions did bring up a number of issues that would leave a solitary female flyfisher cold: the stench of rotting post-spawn fish; elbow-to-elbow combat fishing; being knocked over and deafened by a fellow angler that hooks up and immediately megaphones “FISH ON, FISH ON” while chasing his silver bullet; squabbling over water; being run over by a trolling drift boat; and my favorite, multiple recommendations that I always carry a rape whistle. My reply to all of this was “sounds like a charming place - how big did you say the fish are???”

Actually I ended up going for two reasons. A group of local flyfisher friends extended an invitation and the price was right. To keep the trip cost down the plan was to carpool, stay at a reasonably priced place, and bring the camping stove & crockpots with easy to prepare meals. For the most part that plan worked out. Something interesting I learned while on this trip is that you can fit three anglers with gear and cooking stuff in a Dodge Caravan. A smaller vehicle will only hold two anglers plus gear.

Our merry band of anglers shipped off at 3am from northern NH with the intention of arriving in Pulaski, NY some time around 11am. Thoughts of screaming reels and hooking up to monster fish magnetically pulled us through the night toward the Salmon River. One car in our party did arrive a few hours earlier as they started two hours closer to the destination. When I decided to playfully inform the lead driver that the early arrivals had hooked up and were landing fish already, his speed increased by 10 mph. Hehehe…

To read the rest....
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