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Default Re: worst fishing day

Its amazing how we "contribute" to our own misery! My worst day: Was out of Homer AK. We had lost our charter service the previous year, they sold out and moved south. We had gone with them for 12 years in a row, and I felt like they were family. Oh well, it happens. I made some inquiries and was recommended to a new service, who I'll not name.

We arrived at the correct slip at the right dock to find an apparently empty boat. We stood around for a few minutes until I hollared "anybody on board!". No response. I hollared again, louder. Up from the cabin emerged a staggering, very obviously drunk teen boy. He cussed like nobody I have ever heard, and was proclaiming his "beer-pong" cahmpionship of the night before. He proceeded to tell us that they didn't think we would show because the weather was rough.

He called the captain on his cell phone, and abusingly told him to get his a** to the boat, the clients were there. 15 minutes later the Captain showed up as hung-over as anybody I've ever seen. Right there we should have walked away and called the coast guard....but noooooooooo, we got on boaard and went out to sea. It was rough, but not the worst I've ever been on. However the idiot was not handling the boat right, and the wave action was horrific. Soon three of the six of us were hugging buckets in the cabin. Thanks to crystalized Ginger Root I was fairly ok.

The captain spent the whole trip guzzling bottles of water, peeing over the side of the boat, and kicking his teenaged beer-pong champion mate awake. He refused to make the run to the good holes because he just wasn't up to it. So we stayed close and caught 10 pounders (two 10's do not fill a cooler with Halibut filets). He cut the trip short by 2 hours because he was so sick.

I complained long and loudly to the owners, but no appology or refund was offered. Their only reply....."sh*t happens".

Lesson learned.

There is no greater fan of fly fishing than the worm. ~Patrick F. McManus, Never Sniff a Gift Fish, 1979

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