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Default Requirements: Used, Good, Available, Cheap. Any advice?

I have a bunch of equipment (I've posted about it here) that I inherited from my grandfater. I feel very lucky. There are 8 rods and reels ranging from 5-9 weight. I plan to use the inherited stuff extensively but...There are 2 things that make me think I would like to buy a few used rods of my own.

1. I dont want to break a piece of family history
2. All the rods I have are 2 piece and less "portable"

I dont really believe that a brand new 2012 Rod can possibly be that much more advanced than lets say a 2002 rod or a 1992 rod. I know if you go back far enough stuff starts going back up in value because of its rarity. But I would think that a 10 year old nice condition rod could be both good and affordable.

I am looking for sugestions on rods that fit the following criteria:

1. Good quality equpment

2. Enough were sold that the brand/model could be found on ebay fairly easily with a few weeks worth of searching

3. They are a bargain compared to what they cost new.

I'm not looking for a $2000 rod that is now the low price of lets say $800. I'm envisioning a $500 1998 rod that now sells in good condition for $100. Is this crazy?

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