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Default Re: World record distance WF 5wt?

Should have asked him to cast the whole line on the pond. thats only around 90', my bet is he wouldn't be able to do that...
Jim C. Chapralis' list
If you can cast this far:

18-21 meters or 60-70 feet or less: Good going. It's a start.

22-27 meters 70-90 feet: Consider yourself a fairly good caster (you are throwing a heavy shooting head which, for some people, is harder to cast than a lighter outfit with a standard fly line).

27-33 meters or 90-110 feet: You've learned the double haul well and with more practice can develop into a very good distance caster.

33-38 meters or 110-125 feet: Superb. With a few tips you could move up into the next bracket. While this distance is not particularly impressive in tournaments, it indicates that you understand the basics and with some practice you will quickly ascend to the next level.

38-43 meters or 125-140 feet: See what I mean, about getting a high when you uncork a long cast! Great isn't it? You bet! You're an excellent distance caster.

43-49 meters or 140-160 feet: Wonderful! Feel proud! You have climbed a peak that very few anglers have reached. You're in the elite class. If you aren't a tournament caster, you're one heckuva good caster and definitely ACA National Casting Championship material!

Over 49 meters or 161 feet: Surely you've done lots of tournament casting! I doubt that there are more than a dozen anglers in North America who can cast this distance under normal weather conditions.

Adapted from Angling matters

There are several things to note about this list.

Casts shorter than 90 feet or 30 meters do not impress Chaprelis. Most of us are in that end of the scale. And ordinary WF-line is 85-90 feet or some 27 meters long. Only the minority of fly anglers can cast out a whole line.
Casts longer than 160 feet or 50 meters are for the super elite in casting, and nothing that anybody will obtain under normal fishing conditions.
Casts longer than 190 feet or 60 meters are very rare. Even with specially tuned casting gear.
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