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Default Re: World record distance WF 5wt?

Then I misunderstood your comments and I apologize.
The single hand rod, distance casting records and equipment specifications I posted, were to demonstrate how the these types of distances are achieved in competition.
I had thought that I’d made my point clear by providing a video of Steve Rajeff casting a five weight in the Best of the West completion. The Reps assertion of being able to cast the same type of rig 50% further than what was evidenced in the video, would be a stretch.

A light eleven weight shooting head on a nine weight rod is not a “ rediculously heavy shooting heads or overweighted heads”. For many anglers it would actually be a bit light. It’s pretty common fishing gear amongst west coast deep pelagic, striper, salmon and even on occasion steelhead anglers who still ply the waters with single handed rods and shooting heads.

Fire Instructor -

Hi Rick.,
For some those competitions are serious business, for others they are simply the “ casting games “. I count myself into the latter group.
I grew up just a couple of miles from the San Francisco’s Golden Gate Angling & Casting Club which are open to the public and watched some of the champion casters of today learning to cast, mature into young competitors and go on to win national titles.

At one time or another most all of the “names” in both casting and fly fishing would filter through that club to compete or to demonstrate, as would most of the rod and line designers of the day.
San Francisco has a rich history of fly fishing innovation and was home to Winston and Scott. Fly tying tool maker Frank Matarelli made the city by the bay his home, the list goes on and on. It’s often credited as the place where the shooting head was first developed and Sunset line and twine the original makers of Amnesia shooting lines was a local company as well. Steve & Tim Rajeff were local boys back then. So the tradition of distance casting games are kind of big deal around those parts.
Just being able to stand alongside some of the best casters in the world with your own rod in hand and to pick up casting tips is incredibly enlightening. So for me, all of these casting distance numbers are just like reading the box scores of a ball game. It’s the practical application of what comes out of all that purposeful practice and design philosophy that allows us to grow in the sport, if we choose to take that route.

If you were to travel to San Francisco sometime and stop by the casting ponds out in Golden Gate Park, you’d find a friendly group of very talented fly anglers. Who for the most part, also happen to be very good casters. If you expressed an interest in tuning up your casting skills or trying out some other type of equipment I’m sure they’d openly accommodate you. There’s also a good chance that the person you’d be casting with also happens to cast in tournaments and they probably do so just for fun, like playing a round of golf.

Best, TT

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