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Default Re: Record Moose Kill's in South Central AK.

It is amazing to me the amount of animal collisions there are in the country, but in soon circumstances that are inevitable. I agree with ard that a lot of it is people in a rush or just not paying attention to their speed or their surrounding. I have not yet been privilege to see any moose (hopefully soon) but I have had run in with many whitetail deer and black bear and even a few elk and they are just majestic creatures. I was reading an article the other day about how the high amount of snow that has accumulated in certain areas was causing moose to use train tracks as their travel corridors which is a scary thought for the safety of both moose and people. There is a lot of research being done how to deal with the problem. I have read some about the placement of fences, but you cant fence every piece of highway across alaska, it isnt financially plausible nor is it aesthetically pleasing. I watch a show about how some places are plowing snow away from highways to provide an alternative route for moose to travel. It is such a sad thing to see an animal injured from human impact, but human animal conflict are only going to get more prevalent in the future, maybe not as much in alaska but across the world. How we deal with it in the future is an interesting topic that was discussed in many of my classes. They would always tell us that we are going to have to make some of the most crucial environmental choices in the nations history. just my 2 cents.

hope everyone has a great week!
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