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Default Re: What is it about Steelheads....

I just found this forum. I had a great weekend fishing for Steelhead with my father and thought I'd see what information is out there for nuts like us.

I think the reason Steelhead are so sought after is the size and quantity. 2-3 years ago, it was nothing to land 15-25 fish in a good 6-7 hour day. The fish ranged from 6 to 13lbs and they're a blast when they're fresh run.

With the rage for steelhead over the past few years, the fish population seems to have declined quite a bit. A good day now is 4-6 fish with most days only being 2 or 3. Hopefully the steelhead craze will slow down or people will start practiciing catch and release (or even taking just the legal limit). My father and I watched 3 guys sneak fish off the river on Saturday having more than their limit.

They're a lot of fun when you can get them, and we fish the small steams. You can get 15lb plus on the larger rivers off Ontario.
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