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Default Re: DFG legal case

What I do not understand is how they decide just who or what is causing the harm done to natural amphibians or fish in the rivers and streams?? Umm Hello has anyone been to the West Fork of the San Gabriel River on a summer weekend and not seen all the trash left behind??? Just a wild guess but I doubt that its the stocked fish. I did a little bit of pondering on what could be the problem with that river.. If we think about it seriously for a moment. This is a river that is essentially goverened by man with the flow coming from Cogswell resivoir. What would it be like if there was no dam 8 miles upstream from the trail head? Would the river still have the same cold flow? Would it still be stained that copper color??
On a side note I did just fish the stocked area of that river on Sunday... A couple of nibbles on the prince nymph or was the bead getting stuck in the rocks.. Wound up with the white stripe on my back. I saw a few but they didn't want what I was offering them. It was more of a way to kill some time and refresh some batteries. Dam waders still leak

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