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Default Re: New to Forum, New to LA

If that was selected inventory..i'd be intimidated to walk into twenty years ago!

They told me they are the biggest fly fishing store in North America, and possibly the world.

But like any fly fishing store I've been in, it's too pricey for me. I'm the discount fly fisher. I find the good deals by buying from bass pro or craigslist, and fishing expos. I wish I could buy a 400 dollar reel, but i can pay a months car payment with that, and right now that's a priority. So, I loved the shop, but we'll see how much actual spending I'll do there.

I also want to check out the fly shop in Sherman Oaks. Seems closer, and looking online, they had a fly line from Rio for 25 bucks, so I can actually afford a thing or two. Didn't go to piru today...maybe tomorrow
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