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Originally Posted by Hardyreels View Post
I'll tell you what, you've got some good looking trout there! I would think twice before posting the river by name if I could go get them and not be in a crowd. Just say'en, nice trout bud,

Thanks for all the comments.

Putting the name out there is actually a calculated risk, that we hope doesn't really backfire on us. The Smith has one of the highest trout-per-mile populations around. We have seen as many as 1000 trout in a 100 meter sampling area. Catching fish usually isn't a problem, I say that will a grain of salt because of all the skunkings I have taken lately. Our problem is neglect to the river, for years the Smith River has been viewed a drainage ditch for the surrounding area. We are trying to get the word out about the potential that the fishery has for the area. So the more people we have lobbying for improvement to the fishery, the bigger our chances to make things happen here and actually see some enforcement. I really don't think it will be possible to get back to the days of 15lb brown trout, I just want to see a few more 20" trout.
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